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Difference between SQL Server and Oracle and Mysql and IBM DB2 and MS access

I was very enthusiastic at some point of time to create my own database but the biggest hurdle as in this case and for anything for that matter was “I did not start”. Anyways I want to thank myself for having not started this. Because some how I sensed that I may get a chance to know about most of the databases in future.

So Eventually I could come across the databases in the order on how I could learn them MS Access 2.0, 97,2000,2003,2007,2010, SQL Server (2000,2005, 2008 R2, 2012(In-Process at the time of writing this Post)), Oracle, MySQL, IBM DB2.

So I had developed an Internal document with comparison of all these databases with respect to various aspects such as The Operating System,Fundamental of RDBMS,Interface,Data Size Limits,Database Capabilities,Data Types,Other Objects,Partitioning,Access Control Functionalities, Functions, Comparison Operator, Case Sensitive, Pattern Matching,  Identity Column,Comment,Characters,Concatenation,Date Specifier and Keyword.

Feel Free to download the Comparison spread sheet from clicking the link below.


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