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Upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 8

Well, After a long wait Finally Microsoft has released its much awaited and much anticipated OS on 26th October 2012.  Welcome Windows 8.

For all those new OEM buyers from a Period of about Feb 2012 to October 2012, have a Upgrade offer for Rs 699 (Indian Currency). about 12 US $.

Not So Surprisingly, thou not expected Microsoft have announced an affordable Upgrade offer for those of-course Genuine Windows 7 OS users at a price of Rs. 1,999 about 37 US $. Until Jan 2013.

These are the Steps. Which I followed to Upgrade my Windows 7 Laptop to Windows 8 Pro,

Step 1: Download the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant from the link

Or If you have received a mail with Subject  “Windows 8 is here. Get your upgrade now.” containing the promotional code. then click on the “Download Upgrade Assistant” in the mail

This will Download Windows8-UpgradeAssistant.exe

Step 2: Run Windows8-UpgradeAssistant.exe

Step 3:  Takes 15 to 20 Minutes based on the applications installed on your system to check and produce a Windows 8 compatibility Report.

Step 4: Gives the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant Compatibility details report. Suggesting which all apps will be Windows 8 Compatible and Which all apps are not.

Step 5: Here it asks you with three options, out of which I have chosen the first one, by which I can retain my Windows Settings, Personal Files and apps on my System.


Step 6: In this step Microsoft is Ready for business, you can notice that it would initially show Rs. 1999.00 which in next step after entering the promo code would show Rs. 699.

Step 7: In this step if you want a DVD to be delivered to your address, you can check the Windows DVD check box. For which additional cost of Rs. 1,060 will be charged.

Step 8: Checks for 2 minutes and then takes on to Billing Information step.

Step 9: In this step, enter the billing address ( This would be needed to send an email with Order details containing the Address)

Step 10: In this step it would ask for payment details, where there are two options shown, a credit card or PayPal. (However I entered a Visa Debit Card details, which was successfully processed.)


Step 11: In this step, you can notice, without promotional code, it would be Rs. 1999, but after entering a promotional code and clicking on apply, it would be Rs. 699. (* ofcourse when the Windows DVD is not cheked in previos step).

After entering the billing details and payment details, you would receive a Mail with the order details containing Order ID, Product Key, Payment Details, Billing Address and a Link to Order a DVD, after successful payment.

Step 12: In this step it waits to download Windows 8 and in my case of internet speed of 3.1 MBps it asked me to wait for 2 hrs. 35 min initially.

As we know in windows, the time changes without any reason, after 7% downloading it showed estimated time as 3 hrs. 9 min 27 sec.

Thanks for the time which is allowing me compose this article.

After some 4 Hrs of Downloading, It then Checks for Download (0 to 100% a two minutes check), then getting Files Ready (0 to 100% 30 to 40 minutes check).

Once again Gets the Files Ready and Checks for some Updates for 10 to 15 Minutes, Cant even guess what Updates are those ( I have started this Installation when the match between Sydney Sixesrs Vs Titans was started and one hr back even the match got over but not my Installation)

Now comes the Actual first step of Installation the License Terms Page.

And Guess what is the next Screen on Clicking Accept button.

Please wait this will take a few minutes ( 15 minutes in my case).

I Think we need to visit the Hardware Manufacturer’s site to get the new drivers for the hardware. (So in my case I will visit Sony website to receive any new drivers required for my laptop).

Don’t Click on Refresh Button Until you completely Uninstall all the above apps, otherwise Once you Click refresh you have to wait for 15 Minutes more.

There is no Scroll bar in the above screen so it can show only 3 Items at a time, so it can be 3 or 20 based on the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant Report. SO You have to Uninstall all one by one.

After you Uninstall all the apps, It will ask you to restart the system for continuing the Installation.

Now Restart the System. Strangely it asks for two Options, Continue from where I left off (Which I chose) and Start again from the beginning, No Idea what is beginning here.

Once again It asks you to wait for some time, which is around 30 minutes

This is virtually the last step of Intervention. Click on Install in this Step.

Now, the new Window Occupies your whole screen and gives you a message “Asking you to wait for few minutes and the PC might Restart several times”.

Now you can move away from your system for next around 2 hrs 15 Minutes, during which it restarts for around 6 times, and every time it restarts it progresses from 0 to 100% and takes some time.

So after 2 hrs 15 minutes, it would ask you for some initial settings details like your mail Id (Microsoft Live ID which I gave), that’s it your New world of Windows is ready for Use.

So it has taken me around 7 Hrs 15 Minutes in total for me to Install Windows 8. So be prepared. Since I did not knew the time it takes for each step I had to glue to the system. Which you can avoid, as I have tried to be precise enough to mention the time it takes for each step.